Calling All Cozy Fantasy Fans!

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A brand new community!

Hey, reader friends!

As I mentioned last month in my update post, the blog is here for updates and discussions rather than regular posts, though I will still be sharing some book lists and thoughts on occasion. Here is the first, and I’m super excited for this one!

After the last few years of chaos in the world and the time I spent writing Pie-Jinks, I’ve really been getting into the cozy fantasy genre. And I’m finding that I’m not alone! People have been craving lighter and warmer fiction, and this genre really delivers! A lot of people are also new to it, but Legends & Lattes is a great example. Though that book is a high fantasy, there are plenty of contemporary settings as well.

And what I’m realizing is that there are a lot of us who want more in this warm subgenre, and many of us are hungry for community!

Because of all that, I recently started a new community on Facebook as a way to find more people who share my love for all things magical and cozy. I post 6 times per week to facilitate discussion and share new authors or books, and members are also welcomed and encouraged to share their own cozy fantasy posts. Author promotions are controlled, so everyone is there for the same reason: to gush over the books and all things warm and cozy!

If this sounds like something you would enjoy, I encourage you to come on over and join! Please take a moment to answer the questions – this helps me learn more about you guys, pick up some new authors for the list, and keep our group as safe as can be from the bots.

I’m so excited for this chapter moving forward. I hope you will come embrace cozy fantasy with me!

Take me to the group!

My Favorite Magic Systems

So far during Fantasy Month, we discussed favorite fantasy books, fantasy creatures, and genres and subgenres. I even revealed the cover for my upcoming portal fantasy, This Cursed Flame! So what can we possibly talk about today?

More fantasy?

You got it!

Today I want to talk about some of my favorite magic systems. But first, let me define how I view magic systems. To me, they are the foundation of how magic works in a story and the way that magic influences the characters and plot. If done poorly, they can be unbelievable and cliche. But when done well, they can be incredibly exciting and prompt great daydreams!

The Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson

I mentioned this one in my favorite fantasy books, and there’s a good reason for that. The biggest reason I love the book (I’ve only gotten through book one so far), besides the incredible worldbuilding, is the magic system!

In this series, magic is based on the “stormlight” from High Storms. It’s still a little vague to me what High Storms actually are, but the magic is light-based and storm-based. Without spoilers, they use stormlight to charge spheres, which they use as money (uncharged, dun spheres are almost worthless), and they have legends of Shardbearers who can use the stormlight to fight and power armor and weapons, as well as unique abilities only those with stormlight can wield.

Elemental Magic

I love elemental magic, which is apparently not that big in publishing. But I love the idea of elements (old, new, anything) being used as magic, to give characters abilities and strength… and perhaps also weaknesses. The Avatar and Legend of Korra series were my first big forays into this magic system, and to this day they are some of my truest fandom loves.

Baking Magic

Okay, I have trouble finding this one, so I don’t have many examples. But I LOVE magic systems based around baking and baked goods. The only book I can really think of at the moment is “The Cupcake Witch,” by Poppy Lawless, which involved a baker who finds magic recipes and begins baking spells for the town. And as much as I loved the premise, it was too short (novella) and I hungered for more. *ba-dum-chh*

I also have a writer friend currently writing a middle grade cupcake witch story *ahem* which I need in my hands ASAP! *ahem*

PS, if you know any good books or series involving baking magic, please tell me! I need them!

Music Magic

Orpheum by D.S. Murphy and This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab sort of have this? Alexandra Bracken’s Passenger duology has a violinist as a protagonist, but the magic there isn’t based around the music, which is what I really mean in this category.

But I love a magic system based around music. A magic that uses music to cast spells or do great things. As a long-time musician (pianist for… 23 years now?), I have a soft spot for stories that involve music in some way, even better if they are fantasy.

Again, I need more of these, so please share!

Art-based Magic

I’m thinking specifically Shadowshaper here, by Daniel Jose Older. Imagine being able to draw things to life! Let’s get some more of these, as well. 🙂

Concluding Thoughts

There are so many more magic systems out there: color-based magic like in The Color Alchemist books by Nina Walker, classic werewolf or vampire magic, ghost stories, mermaid stories, fae and faeries… but I had to focus in on a few I LOVE today, even though I love many others as well. In particular, I wanted to highlight the one super unique system from Brandon Sanderson and a couple I rarely see but want to see more, the baking and music magic.

Now, I want to know your favorite types of magic and magic systems! Tell me some of yours below, and if you know any good baking or music magic books, tell me those, too! Let’s talk!