Copy of Paper Cranes iconFor as long as I can remember, I have had a passion for writing, grammar, and the English language. Now that I do my own writing, I have another passion: helping other writers refine their craft. Inquiries on services and booking can be sent to Sign up for the newsletter for updates or contact me to secure your place.

Editing Services

I offer a free 5 page sample edit to interested writers. There is no obligation to purchase services to use this sample edit. Contact me for more information.

Please note: I prefer fantasy, science fiction, contemporary, and general fiction. Horror, erotica, and excessive violence will not be accepted.


Not sure you need a full copyedit or line edit? Just need one final pass before publishing or querying? This is the service for you. In the proofreading service, I will check your piece for typos, formatting errors, and other small picture mistakes, such as punctuation. This is generally the last pass prior to publication.

Pricing: $0.004 per word (example: $200 for 50,000 words)


Need a scientist to bounce your science and logic ideas off? Want to talk biology? Good news! I can help you with that. Sessions start at 30 minutes, but arrangements can be made as needed.

Contact me for details and pricing.

About Selina

I have been writing and editing both creative and scientific writing for over a decade in my writing career, college and grad school career, and science career. Additionally, I am a former member of The American Copy Editors Society (ACES) and have successfully completed the ACES editing certification through Poynter University. I have a BA in biology and a MS in neuroscience with almost five years of industry experience as a pre-clinical biologist, and I have also been creating visual arts for over 20 years.

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