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This Cursed Light (This Curse #0.5)

With one wish she could change it all, but these djinn don’t grant wishes.

Shapeshifting djinn Safiyya is licking her wounds after an unfortunate accident—caused by the woman who was once her best friend—traps her in the form of an ocelot. So she is less than thrilled when that very friend, Ghadir, turns up on her doorstep, asking for Safiyya’s help to investigate strange occurrences in the area’s magic. But when they find a young girl—an illegally-created genie—at the center of the disturbances, Safiyya knows she can’t just turn tail and run.

Safiyya is thrown into turmoil as she is confronted not only with the aftermath of her accident but also with Ghadir’s own issues, amplified by the discovery of a genie. And when an evil djinn shows up, pursuing the girl, what started as a simple investigation turns to something much more sinister. Can they put aside their differences long enough to save the girl?

Or will they fall before they can warn the entire Djinn Realm of their greatest enemy yet?

This Cursed Light is the heartrending prequel to This Cursed Flame, book 1 of Selina J. Eckert’s This Curse series. If you like found family, fast-paced action, and imaginative fantasy, you will love these enchanting books!

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This Cursed Flame (This Curse #1)

Sometimes we put ourselves in the bottle…

Once upon a time, Janan was human. Now, she’s genie—a human-turned-djinn—and on the run with a new found family from the evil djinn who turned her. She may be filled with the magic of the djinn, but she fits nowhere, a misfit in two worlds. And now he has found her, threatening to rip away everyone she loves all over again.

Laurelin dreams of being the next great chemist—if she can only get into the right program. But it seems like everything she touches fails until she finds a crystal bottle and that draws her into a world she never could have even dreamed: the lush, deadly, and wartorn world of the djinn.

Now, Janan must learn the magic she has long feared, along with her true nature, and Laurelin must find her place in a world where humans are at the bottom of the food chain. For the evil djinn’s plans for domination are bigger than anyone could have imagined, and it may just be up to them to stop his waves of death and dark magic before it sweeps them all away.

This Cursed Flame is the wished-for first YA contemporary fantasy novel in the This Curse series. If you like imaginative fantasy, unlikely companions, and fast-paced action, then you’ll love this enchanting book.

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This Cursed Shadow (This Curse #2)

Sometimes the darkest shadows lie within.

Senka, a Shadow made of light and dark, is finally a Guardian of the Shadow Realm, years after her parents were killed by the same deadly creatures now trapped there by the djinn. But when the creatures ambush her on one of her first days on the job, she finds herself with a fatal curse, and decaying barriers eject her from her home—threatening to release hordes of the shadow-creatures right along with her. Her only choice is to find the one person who might be able to reverse the curse and get her home in time to warn the other Shadows of the impending disaster.

Lacey, granddaughter of the great Ghadir, has been living among the humans with her brother since the Candrani revolted and plunged the Djinn Realm into chaos. When her mother, still in the Realm, suddenly stops answering Lacey’s calls, Lacey is desperate to bring her to safety. But when Lacey returns to the Realm, she finds a world far different from the one she had left years before.

Escaped shadow-creatures attack Lacey, and Senka comes to the rescue, thwarting everything Lacey had ever been taught to fear about Shadows. Then, news of a once-lost Shadow artifact reaches them—an artifact capable of leading them straight to the man who can save Senka and maybe even to Lacey’s missing father. But a power-hungry djinn official, Auretta, is determined to hide the most powerful artifacts to steal control of the Realm for herself. With time running out, can they escape Auretta in time to stop the wards from breaking?

Or will Auretta succeed in destroying everything?

This Cursed Shadow is the wished-for sequel to YA urban fantasy novel This Cursed Flame. If you like imaginative fantasy, unlikely companions, and fast-paced action, then you’ll love Selina J. Eckert’s enchanting series!

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This Cursed Earth (This Curse #3)

Coming 2022!

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