Seasons of Magic

Seasons of Magic will be a run of 16+ novelette-to-novella-length fairy tale retellings. Stories will be released seasonally and bound in collections of four by season (winter, spring, summer, and fall). Each story is standalone, and books may be read in any order. Stay tuned for more updates!

Of the Clouds (Fireflies & Faeries #1)

What would you do to be free?

Shaman-in-training Quri only knows her master’s hut…until the neighboring prince arrives, showing her what life could be. But her master has other plans for Quri, and she will stop at nothing to keep her young apprentice from leaving her, including locking her in an old tomb. Now, Quri must defy her master to learn the magic she needs to free herself or lose her chance for the prince, her own happiness, and the life she wants. Can Quri find the strength she needs to save herself and the prince, or will the shaman keep her locked up forever?

This sweet and exciting retelling of Rapunzel will have you asking what you would do for your freedom.

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Pumpkin Spice Pie-Jinks (Pumpkins & Shades #1, Pie-Jinks #0.5)

When fate comes knocking, feed it pie!

Reese was never a risk-taker…that is, until she quit her job to open a bakery serving magical pies from her home. Now, she has the opportunity of a lifetime to win a contract with the visiting Autumn Court. But when two troublesome Fae appear on her doorstep, determined to find a mate for their prince, Reese’s life is thrown into chaos, and she begins to question every choice she has made. Can she learn to take a risk on her new life, despite the troubles around her? Or will the mischief of the Fae drive her business into ruin-forcing her to move back in with her parents?

This light and entertaining tale is inspired by Hansel & Gretel and is a perfect way to celebrate the autumn season.

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Freeze Thaw (Flurries & Phantoms #1)

An archaeology student, an Ice Age princess, and an undead sorceress…

Talia was meant to be her clan’s greatest leader. But when her parents fail to invite a powerful—and very dangerous—sorceress to her birth party, the clan’s long-desired blessing becomes their final curse. As Talia comes of age, the power of the sorceress finds her, and she is lost in a blizzard.

Millennia later, archeaology student Owen is on the field trip of his life to a glacier dig. But what begins as a routine dig soon becomes much more when he discovers a perfectly preserved mummy in the ice—a mummy that returns to life and drags him into a millennias-old dispute.

For deeper in the glacier, dark magic is at work, waking the sorceress known as the Shadow Woman, and she will stop at nothing to end Talia’s life and destroy the clan once and for all. If Talia and Owen can’t stop her, she will destroy not only Talia but also Owen and the rest of the team. But if they can survive, they may just re-discover more than they could have ever hoped for.

This was a Top Ten Finalist for the Five Magic Spindles contest by Rooglewood Press.

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All That Glimmers (Petals & Sirens #1)

There’s nothing worse than making a bargain with a Fae…that is, nothing except doing it again.

Hallie, a grad student studying folklore, is still reeling from the death of her best friend two years ago. So much, in fact, that right after the funeral she made a bargain with a Fae to fix one thing in her life and change her rejection from grad school into an acceptance. But the Fae are back to collect, and the discovery she’d vowed to give up, her academic firstborn, may be her one chance to bring her friend back.

Desperate to hold onto that one chance, Hallie risks a second bargain: she’ll do anything the Fae want if she can keep the knowledge. But the only thing more dangerous than a bargain with a Fae is another bargain with no set terms. The new deal is clear: if she wants to keep her discovery, she must unravel the identity of her Fae benefactor before spring break comes to a close.

And if she fails, she’ll be trapped in the Spring Court forever.

All That Glimmers is part of a standalone series of novellas, Seasons of Magic. If you like seasonal stories, heartfelt tales of friendship, and strong, relatable characters, then you’ll love Selina J. Eckert’s feel-good Rumplestiltskin retelling. Grab your copy to fall headfirst into the tricky world of the Fae today!

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Carnival of Curses (Fireflies & Faeries #2)

Nell should have known better: kissing frogs will only get you cursed.

High school senior Nell is a pro at hiding what she wants, from her college plans to her feelings. She’s so used to her own lies that she thinks nothing of the one she tells the green boy at the county fair’s kissing booth. But a lie to the green boy is meant to ensnare humans just like her—and trap them in the Fae circus master’s carnival forever.

Alone and forgotten by everyone she knew, Nell has no choice but to find her place in this dangerous, magical new world. But the carnival is more than it seems, and the curse has ensnared many more than just Nell. With time running out before the carnival moves on, can Nell bring them all together to fight back against the dark magic of the Fae?

Or will Nell and her new friends serve the Fae forever?

Carnival of Curses is part of a standalone series of novellas, Seasons of Magic. If you like found family, dark carnivals, and seasonal tales, then you’ll love Selina J. Eckert’s mysterious frog prince retelling. Grab your copy to leap into dangerous performances and fatal secrets today!

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The Patch (Pumpkins & Shades #2)

Jack just gambled her family’s future on seeds. Too bad they only bring her a cursed pumpkin patch full of ghosts.

Jack, a shy and sensitive high schooler, is desperate to do whatever she can to save her family’s farm. Unfortunately for her, the pawn shop cons her into trading her family’s heirlooms for three old pumpkin seeds on the promise they will solve all Jack’s problems. But when the seeds sprout overnight into a haunted pumpkin patch, they bring more problems than they solve—like a hundred-year-old witch’s curse.

Hopeful she will uncover the secrets of the patch, and maybe solve the farm’s financial problems, Jack enlists her best friend Lucy’s help to investigate. But then a malevolent ghost kidnaps Lucy, and Jack learns the dark history of her home, a history steeped in betrayal and revenge. With Lucy’s life on the line, can Jack confront the spirit, break the curse, and save her friend?

Or will the witch kill them both and reign for another hundred years?

The Patch is part of a collection of standalone fairy tale novellas, Seasons of Magic, and is a retelling of Jack and the Beanstalk. If you like spooky stories, autumn magic, and pumpkins, you will love Selina J. Eckert’s bone-chilling tale!

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Cold Snap (Title not final)

Flurries & Phantoms #2, Seasons of Magic #TBD

Iclyn is a mermaid in a clan of ice magic and heir to the throne. But then she gains her ice magic and tries to win the love of her stepmother, the Queen, only to find out that she doesn’t have to win the love of the people who really count. This fantastical retelling of Snow White will plunge you into the icy seas off the coast of Iceland and into a world of merfolk unlike any other. Release TBD

This was a finalist for the Five Poison Apples contest by Rooglewood Press in 2017.

more titles to come!