Pie-Jinks is a cozy contemporary fantasy that is perfect for fans of Gilmore Girls and Mercy Thompson. If you like light, small-town stories, whimsical magic, and a touch of both romance and high-stakes mystery (plus lots of delicious fall treats), you will love these books!

Pumpkin Spice Pie-Jinks (prequel, part of Seasons of Magic: Pumpkins & Shades)

When fate comes knocking, feed it pie!

Pie witch Reese always played it safe—until she opened a magical bakery. But running a bakery is harder than she expected, and she finds herself one bad week away from going under. When the town announces a baking competition that could save her bakery’s future, she jumps at the chance to rescue her dreams. But then two mischievous autumn sprites show up on her doorstep, demanding pie and determined to find a mate for their prince.

With pressure building for Reese to find the prize-winning dessert, she starts to question every choice she has ever made. And the sprites have their own agenda, involving nothing Reese could have imagined… including turning her house into candy. With time running out, can Reese distract the sprites long enough to save her bakery?

Or will her dreams turn into nothing more than an under-baked pie?

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Vanilla Bean Vampire (#1)

Welcome to Cider Hollow, where the pies are magic and the people are disappearing.

Pie witch Reese is living her dream: running the bakery she’s always wanted, selling magical pies, and landing a date with handsome Prince Forrest of the Autumn Court. But then people around her start vanishing, returning hours or days later with no memory of their missing time.

When her delivery boy is the next victim, Reese sets aside her pies, determined to get to the bottom of the mystery. But her prince is just as determined to keep her out of harm’s way, keeping her in the dark and even pushing her out of his own investigation.

Then the disappearances accelerate, hitting closer to home and leaving her with little choice but to get involved.

Can Reese bake up a plan to save the town? Or will she be the next to disappear?

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Cranberry Bog Crumble (#2)

Something sweet—and terrifying—is coming to Cider Hollow.

It has been years since pie witch Reese last saw her candy witch aunt. So when Aunt Kit arrives in a flurry of foul weather, Reese knows something is up. Then Kit disappears during the worst deep freeze Cider Hollow has ever seen. And ice is just the beginning of the crazy and dangerous weather plaguing the town.

To make matters worse, Reese’s boyfriend, Prince Forrest, is confronted by a seemingly unsolvable mystery and the local Fae—who claim Reese is more than she seems. But they leave Reese and Forrest with more questions than answers… and a warning to stay away from the forest by the cranberry bog.

With time running out to save her aunt, questions no one will answer, and still no clue what brought Aunt Kit to Cider Hollow, Reese’s hands are full. If they can’t stop whatever it is plaguing the town, everyone will be destroyed.

Do they dare cross the Fae to do what needs to be done? Or will Reese and her friends ice over like pumpkins left in a field?

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Cinnamon Bun Sirens (#3)

Spooky season has arrived in Cider Hollow, and this year, Reese has something to fear.

Things are looking up for pie witch Reese: she’s about to open her very own bakery storefront, she’s dating the man of her dreams, and her friendships have never been better. But then two sirens move to town, planning to open another bakery right across the street from the future home of Pie-Jinks… on the same day.

Determined to expose the sirens for the dangers they really are, Reese quickly alienates everyone she loves. But that is only the beginning of Reese’s troubles—and her journey to discover the power she actually wields.

And those who wish to wield her.

Can Reese protect the town, even when no one believes they’re in danger? Or will she lose everything?

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Mocha Brewed Monsters (#4)

Coming Halloween 2022!

Monsters are making themselves at home in Cider Hollow. And they’re not your normal pests.

Halloween is here, and Reese finds herself with a brand-new set of problems. Her bakery is finding its feet in its new location, holiday celebrations are underway, and strange things are happening all around town… things that mean new residents have arrived.

But what starts as weird quickly turns dangerous as the new residents clash with the local townspeople, and Halloween brings in more than the usual harmless creatures.

Now, Reese and her friends must work together to protect the town from a new, unknown danger before the sun rises on November 1st. If they don’t, the town may just find itself wiped off the map.

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Books 5 and 6 coming soon!

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