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A Tradition of Allegations

Holiday traditions can be so delightful, but for our sleuths they’re just another case.

Will they be able to solve their case in time to enjoy the holiday festivities?
Pour yourself a mug of hot cocoa and settle in to find out!

Skunks and Scrooges by Rune Stroud
While delivering holiday pies, Autumn and Simon discover a missing treasure, a skunk under a porch, and a cranky old scrooge. Can they solve the mystery and save Christmas for the skunk AND the scrooge?

Peppermint Pixels by Selina J. Eckert

Slayed Bells and Sleeping Bags by Patty Joy
It’s Christmas in July at Eagle Point campground. The Griswold Society members have gathered to present a colorful display of good cheer, until a Grinch arrives, stealing displays and killing off the love of Christmas.

Can Kelly Green name the killer on Santa’s naughty list before she becomes the next slayed?

Mistletoe and Misdemeanours by Carmen Radtke
A missing urn. A blackmail note. ‘Tis the season for family strife … 1930. Fulfilling her late grandfather’s last wish and spending Christmas with her squabbling uncles and aunts is not cheering Dinah up at all. But when his last remains are stolen, she starts to wonder if she’s sharing a roof with a criminal – and where it will end …

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For the Love of a Word

A collection of love letters to creative souls for your inspiration and encouragement. 

“There is a strange beauty in this lonely work; to create is to realize my connection with things greater than myself, and soon enough the work is not lonely at all, but blessed and beloved.” 

Featuring the words of sixteen writers, For the Love of a Word is designed to encourage, inspire, and uplift you in your journey.

Available on Amazon and Annie Louise Twitchell’s website.

Sisterhood of Magic: A Strong Female Fantasy Box Set

Five powerful women. Five spellbinding novels. Five extraordinary journeys.

Inside this five-novel collection devoted to strong heroines of fantasy, meet a goddess trapped by a human, a djinn on the run, and a mermaid with a diabolical plan. Follow princesses seeking their destiny and friends fighting to save magic itself.

Pick up your copy to embark on fantastic adventures where the bonds of sisterhood and friendship are stretched, hearts risk being broken, and worlds are at stake.

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