Welcome to my ramblings.

Hi, readers! I’m Selina. I write, but here I blog about everything related to books, reading, and the cozy lifestyle I love.

Please note that some blog posts contain affiliate links. I am no longer an affiliate and do not earn from purchases, but I have not gone back to replace the links at this time.

Calling All Cozy Fantasy Fans!

Hey, reader friends! As I mentioned last month in my update post, the blog is here for updates and discussions rather than regular posts, though I will still be sharing some book lists and thoughts on occasion. Here is the first, and I’m super excited for this one! After the last few years of chaos…

Blog Update: June 2022

Hey everyone! If you haven’t noticed, it’s been a while since I last posted. That’s because things change, and the blog has not been at the top of my priorities, I’m sorry to say. I enjoyed it while I posted, but lately, my focus has shifted to my fiction. With a full-time job and writing…


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