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Releasing December 17: A Tradition of Allegations (A Cozy Mystery Tribe Anthology for the Winter Holidays)

Holiday traditions can be so delightful, but for our sleuths they’re just another case.

Will they be able to solve their case in time to enjoy the holiday festivities?
Pour yourself a mug of hot cocoa and settle in to find out!

Skunks and Scrooges by Rune Stroud
While delivering holiday pies, Autumn and Simon discover a missing treasure, a skunk under a porch, and a cranky old scrooge. Can they solve the mystery and save Christmas for the skunk AND the scrooge?

Peppermint Pixels by Selina J. Eckert
Dryad Holly, a video game design student and cozy gamer, is home for the holidays and ready to help her family’s Christmas tree farm on their busiest day ever: Black Friday. Yet, what is usually one of her favorite traditions—Black Friday tree sales—takes a turn when trees start dying at alarming rates. Can she figure out what’s killing the trees before they’re all dead? Or will this be the darkest day of the year instead of the brightest?

Slayed Bells and Sleeping Bags by Patty Joy
It’s Christmas in July at Eagle Point campground. The Griswold Society members have gathered to present a colorful display of good cheer, until a Grinch arrives, stealing displays and killing off the love of Christmas.

Can Kelly Green name the killer on Santa’s naughty list before she becomes the next slayed?

Mistletoe and Misdemeanours by Carmen Radtke
A missing urn. A blackmail note. ‘Tis the season for family strife … 1930. Fulfilling her late grandfather’s last wish and spending Christmas with her squabbling uncles and aunts is not cheering Dinah up at all. But when his last remains are stolen, she starts to wonder if she’s sharing a roof with a criminal – and where it will end …

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This Halloween, return to Cider Hollow with Mocha Brewed Monsters!

Monsters are making themselves at home in Cider Hollow. And they’re not your normal pests.

Halloween is here, and Reese finds herself with a brand-new set of problems. Her bakery is finding its feet in its new home, holiday celebrations are underway, and she keeps seeing strange creatures all around town, creatures full of mischief that no one else seems to notice. And to make things even more complicated, her wayward uncle comes to visit with a mysterious new business plan.

But Reese’s holiday is only just heating up. With a big town trick-or-treat event plus a meeting with the local Fae that determines whether her boyfriend, Forrest, can stay in Cider Hollow, she’s got her hands full. It’s too bad the Fae think Forrest is a danger to all of them… unless she can prove them wrong. And then there’s the little matter of her growing power, a power that may just attract the most dangerous of hunters.

As the clock ticks, can Reese juggle the chaos of her family’s feud and her own magic, the imminent Fae judgement on her relationship, and trick-or-treat night? Or will it all flop, leaving her with dreams as stale as week-old coffee?

Mocha Brewed Monsters is the fourth in the Pie-Jinks series, a cozy fantasy that is perfect for fans of Gilmore Girls, Bewitched, and Practical Magic. If you like light, small-town stories, whimsical magic, and a touch of romance and high-stakes mystery, you will love Selina J. Eckert’s series!

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Welcome to Cider Hollow, where the pies are magic and the people are disappearing.

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About Selina J. Eckert

Selina writes cozy stories about women who can not only overcome their circumstances but also grow and overcome the demons that live within their own hearts and minds. She loves to write stories about magic, because, hey, who couldn’t use a little magic in their life? And more than anything, Selina’s books are full of warm feelings and cozy vibes. Couldn’t we all use a little more warmth?

Selina believes that stories are a way for us to connect to each other, to understand and empathize, to realize we are not alone and be encouraged. This is why she writes.

Outside of her writing life, Selina is many things. She is a neuroscientist. An artist. A musician. A wife. A daughter. A sister. A reader. A dreamer. A book addict.

And, of course, a full-fledged nerd.

Find Selina online: Facebook ~ Twitter ~ Instagram ~ Goodreads ~ BookBub

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Selina is currently offering only a few author support services, except on a case-by-case basis, such as for service swaps.

However, if you would like to propose a swap for a copyedit/line edit, proofread, or beta read, please follow the instructions at the Contact page and she’ll get back to you!

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